UB Library is a Fun Place for Doing Assignment

Libraries have an important role, namely as the heart of higher education that supports the activities of the academic community. The Higher Education Library is an integral part of educational, research and community service activities and functions as a learning resource center to support the achievement of educational goals based in higher institutions.

But unfortunately among the academic community they still do not understand the important role of library. This can be seen from the small number of students who want to visit the library, in fact the majority only go to the library during the final semester because they need references to work on their thesis or before graduation.

This phenomenon was also observed by one of the lecturers at UB namely Layta Dinira, S.Sc., M.Sc., who is a Chemistry lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UB. He received recognition from some of the students he taught that all this time they only went to UB Library to hitch a ride on an electric plug. This is of course very concerning, of all the roles and benefits provided by the library, it turns out that it only functions as a place to ride on electrical plugs.

Therefore, Layta invites her students to do assignments at UB Library. By doing assignments at UB Library, students can easily get and access legal, appropriate, and quality references to support their studies.

“UB Library Collection really helps students to do the assignments given. The subject we teach is Mathematics Chemistry. Today’s topic is integrals and their applications in chemistry. Reference books from UB library collection such as: Calculus by James Stewart, Applied Calculus for the Managerial Life and Social Sciences by Soo T. Tan, Thermodynamics from concept to applications (by Arthur Shavit & Chaim Gutfingen) really help students complete their assignments,” said Mrs. Layta, in between her activities, directs students who are doing assignments in the White Label Room.

Layta hopes that the physical collection in UB Library can be increased with a fairly new edition (maximum of the last 10 years) so that the knowledge and information provided is always up to date in accordance with the development of science out there. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)