UB Library Wins the 2nd Place and Favorite Winner of Javanese Pantun Contest

UB Library has succeeded in making achievements by winning the 2nd and Favorite Winner in the Javanese Parikan Contest held by UNAIR Library. This event is a series of the 67th Anniversary of Airlangga University Library. The theme for the competition is “Library ing Wayah Pandemic” or Libraries during a Pandemic.

This competition was attended by 17 participants, both individuals and teams with a total of 18 videos. The jury in this Parikan competition were Jalal, S.S., M.Hum as a lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities UNAIR and Djuwarnik, S.Sos (UNAIR librarian) who supervised from the beginning to the end of this event. Besides being judged by the jury, the participants’ works were also shown on the IG account of Unair Library. Meanwhile, the determination of the favorite champion is based on the number of likes and comments obtained.

UB Library Parikan team consisting of Ihwan Hariyanto, Maria Desi Swista Dewi, S.Pd, S.Hum, Prayoga Rizky W., S.AP, Gabriel Wahyu Purnomo., S.AP., MM and Khety Hariyadi Putri, S. AB., M.A, presented parikan that was created based on the conditions and situations in UB Library during the pandemic.

The pandemic period does not prevent UB Library from continuing to provide services to UB’s academic community.

Everything is done to fulfill the students’ needs for UB Library services, including Library Free, Handover of thesis Manuscripts, Borrowing and Returning of Books to Customer Service both via WA and social media.

“The purpose of holding the Javanese Parikan competition in the context of the 67th Anniversary this year is as an effort to “nguri-uri” or dig up the nation’s culture, especially Javanese culture. What we know is that our nation’s culture is currently starting to erode, so efforts must be made to maintain it, one of them is by holding the Javanese parikan competition,” said the Head of UNAIR Library, Suhernik, S.Sos., M.Si.

After going through the judging process of the jury, from a total of 18 parikan works, there were five finalists who competed in the final round which was held on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. The 5 finalists are as follows:

Mistri Utami, S.Pd (SMP Negeri 5 Trenggalek)

Slamet Hariyadi, S.Pd (SMP Negeri 5 Trenggalek)

Universitas Brawijaya Library Team

Angger Resi Wicaksana (Student of Tourism Study Program, UNAIR Vocational Faculty)

Jaidi, S.Pd (SMP Negeri 2 Watulima Tulungagung)

Located in Wiyata Room, Unair Library Campus B, the five finalists came and performed with a total appearance. Wearing costumes and bring accessories that support their performance and present the meaning of parikan that is delivered.

The aspects assessed include: material or content of parikan, appearance and costumes. The UB Library team gets their turn to appear with serial number 3, each participant is given 10 minutes to perform.

Before announcing the results of the assessment, Jalal said that all the finalists who appeared today were selected participants, where the works produced were of high quality and in accordance with the theme determined by the committee, namely “Library ing Wayah Pandemi“.

The following are the results of the assessment from the jury for the Javanese parikan competition at UNAIR Library:

1st place winner gets IDR 1,500,000 in cash + Trophy + Souvenir + certificate: Angger Resi Wicaksana (Tourism Study Program Student, Vocational Faculty UNAIR)

Second place winner gets IDR 1,000,000 cash + Trophy + Souvenir + certificate: Universitas Brawijaya Library Team

Third place winner gets IDR 750,000 cash + Trophy + Souvenir + certificate: Mistri Utami, S.Pd (SMP Negeri 5 Trenggalek)

Favorite winner gets IDR 250,000 cash + Souvenir + certificate: Universitas Brawijaya Library Team.

Alhamdulillah, thank you to all who have given support and prayers for UB Library Team so that we can get 2 winners in this competition. Thank you also to the Jury and UNAIR Library who have held this competition, hopefully it can inspire today’s young generation to want to know and preserve the nation’s culture, especially Javanese culture,” said one of the team, Ihwan Hariyanto.

To see the performance of UB Library Team presenting Javanese parikan…you can see in the following link

[Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]