The Library will Create Comfortable Co-working Space and Gen Z Themed

Brawijaya University (UB) Library received a visit from the Director of PT Brawijaya Multi Usaha (BMU), Dr. Edi Purwanto, STP., MM., Tuesday, (3/4/2024) to discuss plans for rebranding the UB Library so that it complies with international library standards which have an elegant, attractive design and provide maximum comfort for visitors.

The planned rebranding aims to change the image of UB Library, which has been considered a boring place, into a livelier and more fun place. One of the main goals of this rebranding is to create a more fun atmosphere and invite users to spend more time in the library in order to seek literacy and complete assignments from lecturers.

Several steps that will be taken in this rebranding include creating a comfortable and fresh co-working space, an Instagrammable cafe, as well as changes to parts such as the walls and floor of the library to make it more colorful and attractive. Hence, UB Library will become a more attractive place for students and other visitors.

In addition, rebranding will also develop the recreational function of the library, such as providing space for refreshing, eliminating boredom, as well as providing comfort and entertainment to users. With attractive recreational facilities, it is hoped that users will feel at home and more comfortable at the library, making it easier to utilize the available library collections.

With this rebranding, UB Library hopes to increase user interest and participation in using library facilities, as well as create a new, more memorable experience for users. This step is in line with UB Library’s commitment to continue to innovate and improve service quality. (UB PR/ Trans. Iir)