Permata Merdeka Ease UB Students to Take Course in other Campus

A number of students began registering to join Permata Merdeka program. In UB itself, there are 231 students registered to study at State Higher Education (PTN). Meanwhile 235 students outside UB register to take part in lectures in a number of UB study programs for one semester (Inbound students).
Permata Merdeka is a program initiated by 43 PTNs who are members of a consortium.
The Coordinator of Planning, Academic and Cooperation Division of UB, Heri Prawoto, explained that Permata Merdeka is a miniature of Permata Sakti which has been initiated by the Higher Education in the last odd semester.
“All programs in Permata Merdeka are almost the same as those in Permata Sakti. The difference is that Permata Merdeka students can take courses at the consortium PTN without limitation of location. So, UB students can take courses in study programs at universities in one province such as Airlangga or UPN Surabaya, as well as in other regional PTNs that offer courses in Permata Merdeka, “he said.
Heri added that Permata Merdeka Program was initiated by several universities who wanted to continue the program in order to realize and encourage the independent learning program that had been launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
“The hope is that with 43 PTNs who are members of the consortium, students can exchange courses and be recognized by each PTN,” he said.
In the implementation process, Permata Merdeka has been regulated using a system provided by a portal for the registration, evaluation and detection process for the target university and which courses to take.
“Everything has been recorded into the system that has been prepared. In addition, the number of courses taken must not be more than 24 credits, “he said.
Heri hopes that through this program, students will have the opportunity to experience studying at another campus. This is as a form of independent learning and will add to the experience of how studying at other state universities, and certainly free of charge.
Meanwhile, students who can take part in the Permata Merdeka program are in the fourth to eighth semester. The lecture system for Permata Merdeka Program students starts on (22/2/2021). (OKY / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).