Cooperation Agreement between UB Library and Vocational Faculty UNAIR

UB Library signs the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with Vocational Faculty, Universitas Airlangga, Tuesday (17/5/2022). UB Library group consists of the Head of the Library, Dr. Iwan Permadi, SH., M. Hum. , Coordinator for GJM, Coordinator for Development, Cooperation and Business and three other staff. Meanwhile, Universitas Airlangga consists of Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’ruf, drh., M.Kes. as the Dean of Vocational Faculty UNAIR, Vice Dean 3, KPS D3 Library, and Secretary of the Dean.

The signing of this cooperation agreement was carried out at the Meeting Room of the Vocational Faculty of Universitas Airlangga at 12.00 – 13.00 WIB.

“I am very happy with the collaboration between UB Library and the Vocational Faculty, since the library can be a laboratory for student internships, especially for D3 Library students,” said Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’ruf, drh., M.Kes.

Prof. Anwar added, Vocational Faculty students learn about applied sciences, so they really need as much cooperation as possible in the world of work, including with UB library. As the feedback, the Vocational Faculty is ready to help UB Library in terms of automation that is studied in the D3 Instrumentation System Automation Study Program.

The number of the students of UNAIR Library D3 Study Program who have internships in UB Library is quite large, but so far there is no legal umbrella. So, with the signing of this cooperation agreement, the internship activities of Unair students in D3 Library, D3 Information Systems and D3 Instrumentation System Automation are legal.

“After signing the cooperation agreement, it is hoped that it will be followed up with activities according to the scope of the agreement. So it’s not just a sign, then there is no realization in the form of activities,” said Dr. Iwan Permandi, SH, M.Hum.

Several other activities will be carried out as a follow-up to this cooperation agreement, there are Vocational Faculty plans to invite the Head of UB Library to attend the Vocational Faculty Anniversary event on June 11, 2022. Meanwhile, UB Library will facilitate student internships and will involve the VocationalFaculty Unair in seminars, workshops activities organized by UB Library for both lecturers and students. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]