Cooperation Agreement between FILKOM and PT. Halia Teknologi Nusantara

The Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University (FILKOM UB) entered into a collaboration agreement with PT. Halia Teknologi Nusantara (HTN) West Java, in F Building 7th floor, room F.7.7, (12/12/2023).

At this collaboration agreement activity, the Dean of FILKOM UB, Prof. Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D., Vice Dean for General Affairs, Finance and Resources, Agus Wahyu Widodo, S.T., M.Cs., dean and HTN represented by Yasrof Adityo Mahardiko, B. Eng , M.Sc., as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

HTN is a limited liability company that provides engineering solutions, supplies and services as well as quality/process improvement consulting for industry and research, including in the fields of academic, electronics, automotive, food and beverage, health care, test laboratories & manufacturing tests. Also provides technical training for industry and educational institutions.

The work agreement which will be implemented on Friday (8/12/2023) will cover several important points for the next year, such as sharing knowledge between both parties, providing and enriching student soft skills, internships for FILKOM UB students and opportunities recruitment for FILKOM UB graduates in accordance with applicable requirements.

In his speech, the dean said that this collaboration provides extensive learning opportunities for FILKOM UB students and PT. HTN, scientific capacity development that is beneficial for both parties, and the rapid progress of innovation have made FILKOM UB conducts smart moves with public-private partnerships and also global partnerships in the field of technology cooperation agreements. (rr/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)