Higher Educations in Malang Area Selects Students With Achievements

Higher Educations in Greater Malang are very aware to community education. Yesterday, four higher educations committed to assist Senior High School students with achievement in the area. The four higher educations were Merdeka University, University of Brawijaya, Muhammadiyah University of Malang and Widyagama University.

University of Brawijaya will help the students in the field of arts and culture, Merdeka University with Business Economy and Entrepreneurship, Muhammadiyah University of Malang in the field of Science and Technology, meanwhile Widyagama University in the field of sports.

Granting aids for these achieved students was a collaboration between four higher educations with Damandiri Foundation. “In addition, granting aids were follow up of the talks between 20 Senior High School Headmaster and National Education Department on July 24th, 2004 with Prof. Haryono Suyono (Deputy Chief I of Damandiri Foundation). “The realization was done today (yesterday, Red) with the opening of joint competition project in order to get students with achievements and potentially in the fields of entrepreneurship,” said Drs. S. Panja Putra Head of Merdeka University Public Relations Officer at PPI head office of Merdeka University, yesterday.

The project opening was directly attended by Prof. Haryono and Marzuki Darusman Former Attorney General in the era of Habibie government. Hopefully, by this collaboration, Senior High School students in the Greater Malang begin to interested and able to develop their entrepreneurial skill. The assistance was given into the best 20 of Senior High School students in the area. Granting aids to the students will consider four things. They are academics, extracurricular, passion and talent on entrepreneurship, and also parents’ financial condition. “Each of higher education will accompany 5 schools at least 50 people, and each students will get financial aid of 50 thousand rupiahs.

For recently, participants that join with the competition will receive the grants is about 192 people. Consisted of 105 participants in the field of economy, 78 participants in the field of sports, 9 participants in the field of science and technology. “meanwhile for participants in arts and culture will be opened on January 15th,” Pantja added. [fir/translated by denok]