The 2015 UB’s Christmas Celebration

Persembahan Tarian Toraja pada Perayaan Natal UBThe Officer Corps of The Republic Indonesia (KORPRI) University of Brawijaya (UB) in collaboration with Christians Spirituality Activities Unit (Unit Aktivitas Kerohanian Kristen/UAKK) and Catholics Spirituality Activities Unit (Unit Aktivitas Kerohanian Katolik/UAKKat) organized the 2015 Christmas Celebration, Saturday (9/Jan/2015). The event which held at GOR Pertamina UB attended by 1,400 participants consists of students, lecturers, employees, alumni and UB’s pensioners. Theme to be lifted was “The Infinite Love of The God”.

Head of Convener Donald Waworuntu, MA, MPdk delivered, the event organized as gratitude for the Infinite Love of The God, and also to improve Christian’s and Catholic’s togetherness at UB. He also expressed his appreciation to the Rector, Principals, and also all the donators, thus the event could be organized.

“Hopefully with the existence of diverse religions and tribes at UB will able to create harmonization and so togetherness could be realized, and thus more motivation to work as a part of the worship to the God,” said the Christianity lecturer.

The event initiated with worships and pursued with celebration. Christmas worship led by Pdt. Frans Setyadi M., S.Si., M.Th. Meanwhile the Christmas celebration enlivened with dancing performances, drama from The Art of Brawijaya University Testament (TABUT), acoustic band and KORPRI’s vocal group.

Meanwhile, KORPRI Christian Prayer-Group Adviser Dr. Ir. Wignyanto, MS mentioned, for implementation of Christmas celebration theme “The Infinite Love of The God”, the committee will have social services in form of free medical treatment and agricultural counseling in Suwaru Village, Malang district. [Irene/Humas UB/trans. Denok]