Closing of the 2022 KKN FILKOM UB by the Dean in Poncokusumo District Malang Regency

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB) have officially completed the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) in 5 Malang Districts, namely Poncokusumo District, Sumbermanjing Wetan, Gedangan, Bantur and Donomulyo. The closing activity of KKN is carried out directly (offline) and closed by the Dean of FILKOM UB, Prof. Ir. Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., MT., Ph.D. at Poncokusumo District Office Hall.

On this occasion, the Secretary of Poncokusumo District was also present, Tetuko Luhur Setyo Bathoro SSTP., M.AP who represented the Poncokusumo Secretary and all Village Heads in Poncokusumo District, Malang Regency. In addition, the Field Advisory Lecturer Coordinator (DPL) Poncokusumo District, Arief Andy Soebroto, ST., M.Kom. along with FILKOM UB KKNT committee. This closure is carried out in order to explain the points of the results of the work program that has been carried out while in the villages of Poncokusumo District.

“We thank all levels of society in the village who have accepted FILKOM students in educating and guiding them to learn to go directly into the midst of community life in carrying out the Community Service Program. There must be a lot of knowledge that students get while serving here and hopefully it will be useful for the future. We also express our gratitude to the head of district and village officials who have supported and helped the smooth running of KKN activities for about a month here, “said Prof. Wayan.

Prof. Wayan also added that KKN in FILKOM UB, which has only been running for two years, still has many shortcomings and needs guidance and input from the local government and the community in the village so that later there will be an evaluation from the faculty in the implementation of KKN in the future. Prof. Wayan also hopes that cooperation with the village government will not only be in the implementation of KKN but will spread to community service programs carried out by lecturers, so that later knowledge in the IT field can be directly provided by lecturers to the community in the village by holding training programs.

Followed by remarks from the Secretary of Poncokusumo, Tetuko Luhur. He advised that students who have carried out KKN always establish a relationship even though they have completed their duties in the village. In addition, he also thanked FILKOM UB for being willing to place their students again in Malang Regency, especially in Poncokusumo District.

“We hope that the work program carried out by FILKOM UB students in villages in Malang Regency can bring changes, especially in the development of information technology and have a positive impact on people’s lives in the village.” Tetuko said.

Tetuko also added that the KKN program from UB can help in developing the resources and potentials possessed by each village to make it more developed and organized. It is hoped that the KKN program from UB, especially from FILKOM can be carried out continuously from year to year so that progress and developments can be seen in the villages that have become the target of KKN implementation.

Included in the main event was the presentation of the work of KKN students in the form of a website regarding village profiles, then an explanation of digital marketing and community social services in the village delivered by one of the students, Ibrahim as the student coordinator of Poncokusumo District. It should be noted beforehand, that the 2022 FILKOM UB Community Service Program students who are located in the village of Malang Regency have many work programs, one of which is making village profiles as a means of information for the community and visitors who come to the village. The way to realize the work program is with a website creation program. The making of this village website is done to support village performance and help the community or visitors to obtain information related to the village more easily.

According to Ibrahim, the Poncokusumo District has a lot of potential for MSMEs and agricultural products that can be developed so that it would be better if each village had a website containing profiles along with information on MSMEs, tourism and the potentials that exist in the village. This program aims to provide information on the potential of the village to the wider community so that it is more exposed and easy to know. [drn/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]