The Importance of Inclusive Communication for the Cadres of Integrated Service Post

The development of inclusive communication in Indonesian society is no longer the domain of certain groups, but is also a concern for many groups. One of those who needs knowledge and inclusive communication skills is the cadres of the integrated Service Post (Posyandu)

Posyandu cadres are one of the main spearheads in health services for mothers, the elderly, children and teenagers. Therefore, it is very important for Posyandu cadres to receive inclusive communication training to interact with people with disabilities.

This encouraged the Community Service team from the Department of Communication Sciences, Brawijaya University to conduct training on the importance of inclusive communication skills for Posyandu cadres. UB Communication Science Lecturer, Sinta Swastikawara stated that the inclusive communication training activities carried out at the Dahlia Posyandu Cadre provided new applicable knowledge.

“This inclusive communication training is aimed at increasing the communication skills of Posyandu cadres because after all, Posyandu cadres are the link between health facilities and the community,” he said.

This training made the Posyandu Dahlia RW 03 Cadre, Tunjungsekar Village, Malang City, admit to gaining new knowledge that had never been obtained before.

“This knowledge has never been obtained from community health centers or sub-districts, even though we can’t always predict in the field, who knows, there might be people with disabilities that we have to serve,” said Olga Hasiani.

This activity begins with giving a pretest to see how far Posyandu cadres understand the current development of the situation of people with disabilities. From the results of the discussions, it was found that there was still a lot of knowledge about people with disabilities that they did not know.

After receiving training, Posyandu cadres then completed the posttest and the difference in results was quite significant, because Posyandu cadres began to understand the use of terms and including the existence of facilities for accessibility for people with disabilities.

Posyandu cadres hope that this activity will not only stop at inclusive communication training. They hope to receive training to provide assistance to people with disabilities so that they can support their duties as Posyandu cadres. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)