UB Inaugurates Prof. Jati Batoro in the Field  of Plant Taxonomy and Ethnobotany Bidang Ilmu Taksonomi Tumbuhan dan Etnobotani

Prof. Dr. Drs. Jati Batoro, M.Si

Brawijaya University confirmed Prof. Dr. Drs. Jati Batoro, M.Si as the 29th active Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) and the 222nd active Professor over all Brawijaya University’s Professors. With this inauguration, Prof. Jati Batoro also became the 386th Professor produced by Brawijaya University.

The inauguration event took place on Sunday (17/03/2024) at the Samantha Krida Building and was attended by various parties, including the Board of Trustees, University Academic Senate, Rector, University Leaders, Faculty Leaders, Professor Council, University Academic Senate Members, Council Members Professor, as well as the Family of Prof. Jati Batoro.

In his inaugural speech entitled “Taxonomic-Ethnobotanical Concepts for Management of Biological Resources”, Prof. Jati Batoro explained the importance of plant taxonomy and ethnobotany science. Taxonomy, as a basic science, aims to reveal and determine the precise status of biodiversity, while ethnobotany studies people’s knowledge systems in managing natural resources in their environment.

The taxonomic-ethnobotanical concept introduced by Prof. Jati Batoro has advantages in determining taxon level status and revealing knowledge systems and utilization by traditional communities.

“The taxonomic-ethnobotanical concept in managing biological resources is to determine the status of the taxon level, new species are precisely the novelty of the richness of biodiversity, as well as revealing the system of knowledge, use and management by traditional communities. Species disclosure is supported through flora preservation to help determine species status and research specimen material,” he said.

Although interest in classical taxonomic research is declining, Prof. Jati Batoro emphasized the importance of new approaches, such as the use of DNA characteristics and molecular studies, to enrich our understanding of biodiversity. Ethnobotanical studies are also increasingly interested by students, because they provide relevant insights in various fields of study.

Taxonomic and ethnobotanical research conducted by Prof. Jati Batoro aims to preserve biological resources, explore traditional and modern knowledge, and enrich the world of science, especially in sustainable management of biological resources. (WDD/ U B PR/ Trans. Iir)