The Inauguration of Prof. Dr. Wuryan Andayani Increases the Number of Professors at the Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University

Prof. Dr. Wuryan Andayani, , S.E., Ak., M.S

Prof. Dr. Wuryan Andayani, , S.E., Ak., M.S was officially confirmed as Professor in the Field of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University. The inauguration event took place on Wednesday, February 21 2024, at the Samantha Krida Building, Brawijaya University.

With the inauguration of Prof. Dr. Wuryan Andayani as Professor in the Field of Accounting, the number of active Professors at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) and Brawijaya University has increased. She became the 29th active Professor at FEB and the 211th active Professor at Brawijaya University, as well as the 374th Professor of all Professors produced by Brawijaya University.

In her scientific oration entitled “Octuple Bottom Line (OBL) as an instrument to support the creation of sustainable prosperity for the earth and humans”, Prof. Dr. Wuryan underlined the importance of OBL sustainability model. This model is a synergy of Sustainable Development Goals, Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit/3P), and Pentuple Bottom Line (2P, Phenotechonology, Prophet).

The OBL sustainability model emphasizes that development must not only pay attention to economic achievements itself, but must also pay attention to the other eight pillars of sustainable development. The eight pillars, known as the Octuple Bottom Line, covers aspects such as people, planet, profit, phenotechnology, prophet, power, peace-loving, and partnership

Prof. Dr. Wuryan explained that currently, world conditions, especially in the UN Security Council forum, require close relations between Power, Peace-Loving and Partnership in overcoming conflicts and maintaining diplomatic relations between countries in the world. Power not only emphasizes external strength, but also internal strength, such as good mental health and the power of positive thoughts.

In the Peace-Loving side, Prof. Dr. Wuryan emphasized the importance of loving peace in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal No. 16, which focuses on peace, justice and resilient institutions. Meanwhile, on Partnership, she highlighted improving the quality of education, strengthening multilateral trade, and global partnerships for sustainable development.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Wuryan also highlighted the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy implemented to support the Triple Bottom Line (TPB)/SDGs and understand the relevance of sustainability.

Even though it has advantages in creating a sustainable CSR strategy, the OBL concept also has weaknesses, such as requiring consistency, mutual agreement, and time to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia, namely by 2030 and towards a Golden Indonesia in 2045. (WDD/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)