UB Community Service : Strategy for Communicating Business Products to Support the Development and Strengthening Agrotourism in Bumiaji Village, Batu City

Community Service Team

In 2023, the Center for Tourism Studies has appointed P4S partner Bumiaji Sejahtera as a collaborator to realize the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. With the title “Strategy for Communicating Business Processed Products by Crystal Guava in Order to Support the Development and Strengthening of Agrotourism in Bumiaji Village, Batu City,” this activity aims to formulate a communication strategy for business products processed by crystal guava to support the development and strengthening of agrotourism.

The Study Center led by Edriana Pangestuti, S.E., M.Sc., DBA succeeded in solving partner problems by applying the knowledge and expertise of the proposing team. Focusing on collaboration between study programs, such as tourism, agribusiness, business administration, and industrial engineering, this service creates a value proposition by implementing appropriate strategies and technology in the production of processed crystal guava and developing agrotourism.

Some of the superior activities in this year’s study center grant program include: First, the preparation of the New P4S Bumiaji Sejahtera STP involving appropriate marketing strategies with a focus on segmentation, targeting and positioning in order to increase the competitiveness of tourism products. These activities are designed to help program partners understand local, regional, and national market changes. Second: Market Testing and communication of processed crystal guava products, phased market research was carried out on new products in the form of pastries processed by crystal guava, the aim was to communicate the product as an alternative for managing the crystal guava harvest, especially in grades that are less popular in the partner’s main market. Third: Design appropriate technology for the Crystal Guava Pastry Production Machine: The community service team helps design appropriate technology to increase efficiency in the production process. Fourth: Preparing strategies for developing and strengthening agrotourism involving marketing and training activities by utilizing digital technology to introduce the agrotourism potential of Bumiaji Village, Batu City.

Community service team members consist of Dr. Ir. Rita Parmawati, SP., ME., IPU., ASEAN Eng (0031017709), M Kholid Mawardi, S.Sos., M.Sc., Ph.D. (00020127505), Ir. Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, ST., MT. (0011038603), with the support of several students, including Daaliyah Rizqi Saniyyah (215120401111028), Diana Puspita Sari (215030201111068), Mochamad Hardika Prasetyo (205110900111011)

It is hoped that this service can have a positive impact on P4S Bumiaji Sejahtera and Bumiaji Village as a whole, help business development, and strengthen the agrotourism sector in the area. (*/WDD/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)

Crystal guava packaging process
Crystal guava processed pastry