Prostodonsia Community Service Brings the Theme of the Importance of Making Denture

Delivery of Material at Mojolangu Health Center, Malang

The Prosthodontics Compartment of the Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Brawijaya (FKG UB) carried out Community Service activities on Wednesday (14/12/22) at Dinoyo Health Center, Malang at the Mojolangu Health Center, Malang.

This activity carries a linear theme with the field of prosthodontics, namely “The Importance of Making Dentures”. Through this theme, the public is invited to understand the causes of tooth loss, the impact and effects of tooth loss, types of dentures, denture care, and other information about rehabilitative care in the field of dental and oral health.

The lack of understanding and awareness of the community to treat the condition of missing teeth (tooth loss) is the background for the community service team consisting of drg. Fatima, Sp. Pros; drg. Diwya Nugrahini H., Sp. Pros; drg. Citra Insany I., M.Med.Ed.; drg. Sinta Candra W., M. Biomed; Hafizh Haidar P., S.K.G .; and Oswalda Rena K., S.K.G.

In this activity the community service team conducted outreach to elderly health center cadres who have a big role in increasing public understanding, especially in the health sector.

Animated video was chosen as the counseling medium to make it easier for cadres to understand the material with the help of illustrative images. The cadres were also facilitated to conduct questions and answers with the presenters.

The enthusiasm of the helath center cadres in the question and answer session made the delivery of the material feel more interactive so that it was easier for them to understand the discussion being presented. Increased knowledge can be observed from the post-test results of cadres which show an increase when compared to the pre-test scores.

With a total of 100 cadres, namely 80 Dinoyo Health Center Cadres and 20 Mojolangu Health Center Cadres who attended this program, the Head of the Community Service Unit of the Prosthodontics Compartment of FKG UB, drg. Fatima, Sp. Pros said that the material delivered in the form of animated videos was very effective in conveying messages, so it was chosen as the counseling method in this activity so that it was easy for cadres to understand and understand because it was delivered in visual form. In addition, delivery will be more interesting.

“This agenda is expected to be a stepping stone to make people aware of the condition of tooth loss as an effort to maintain dental and oral health which will have an impact on achieving quality of life in the future,” he said. This activity ended with the handing over of souvenir to the health center and taking a group photo.