Faculty of Animal Husbandry Held Community Service on the Making of Poultry Feed Additive to Bahrul Maghfiroh Students

A lecturer in nutrition and fodder interests of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) conducts community service at the Bahrul Maghfiroh Islamic Boarding School, Wednesday (16/11/2022). The team consists of Prof. Osfar Sjofjan, Prof. M. Halim Natsir, Dr. Heli Tistiana, Yuli Frita Nuningtyas, M.Sc., Faizal Andri, M.Pt., and Danung Nur Adli, M.Sc. socialize as well as assist the making of fitibiotics, namely feed additives made from herbs for poultry.

Osfar said that currently the healthy lifestyle movement with the theme of back to nature is being promoted. So that people demand food that is natural, low or even free from chemicals, pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilizers. The demand for and marketing opportunities for organic food is also increasing.

“Therefore, we have an initiative to make poultry feed additives made from herbs such as meniran, brotowali, ginger and turmeric. Since these natural ingredients will not cause residue on chicken meat when consumed by humans,” said Osfar.

“Besides meniran, brotowali, ginger, and turmeric contain antimicrobial substances that function to build the body’s immunity. Because during the rainy season, like now, the immune system of poultry is vulnerable to disease.” he continued

This activity received a positive response from the former UB Rector, Prof. M. Bisri. According to him, through this community service, entrepreneurs can grow from among students and graduates of Islamic boarding schools. In line with the Sharia Economic Community (MES) program and Law Number 18 of 2019. (dta/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)