FKG Community Service Carries the Theme of the Impact and Importance of Using Dentures

The Prosthodontics Compartment of the Faculty of Dentistry, Brawijaya University (FKG UB) carried out UB Community Service activities, Saturday (13/05/2023) at TK Muslimat NU 07 Malang.

The theme raised at Community Service this time is the impact that can occur when teeth are lost, such as interference with chewing function, speech function, and can also reduce the quality of life.

This activity also educates the importance of using dentures. Through this theme, parents are invited to understand the causes of tooth loss, types of dentures, the process of caring for dentures and other information about treating tooth loss. Lack of public awareness about the impact of untreated tooth loss is the background to community service activities led by Drg. Fatima, Sp. is implemented.

“In this activity, the community service team consisting of 4 lecturers and 10 students conducted a pre-test on the parents of TK Muslimat NU 07 Malang first to find out the parents’ knowledge about the impacts that could occur if they lost their teeth and their understanding of dentures. ” said one of the team, Drg. Sinta.

After carrying out the pre-test, educational activities were carried out about the impact of tooth loss and the importance of making dentures for the parents of TK Muslimat NU 07 Malang by Drg. Citra Insany Irgananda, M.Med.Ed. Then continued with post-test activities to determine the knowledge of student parents after being given education.

The enthusiasm of 125 parents of TK Muslimat NU 07 Malang who attended this program was very positive. The question and answer session felt interactive and the parents seemed to understand the material provided. The increase in understanding can also be seen from the post test results which have increased compared to the pretest results.

After carrying out the pre-test, educational activities, question and answer session and post-test, the parents were given toothbrushes, toothpaste and flyers containing the educational material that had been provided so that they could better understand and also educate their families or other communities about the impact of losing teeth and the importance of using dentures.

It is hoped that this activity can increase public awareness about the impacts that can occur if we lose teeth and the importance of using dentures to improve people’s quality of life in the future. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]