Introduction to the Application of Mathematic as a Promotional Effort of Prospective Student in Banyuwangi Regency

On Thursday, 13 July 2023, the Community Service Team of the Department of Mathematics, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an activity to introduce the profiles of Universitas Brawijaya, FMIPA, and UB’s Undergraduate Mathematics Study Program (Mathematics Study Program). This activity aims to increase the motivation, interest, and public views of the Mathematics Study Program which has made a positive contribution to the world of education and society.

This activity was held at SMA Negeri 1 Srono, Banyuwangi Regency, and was attended by around 20 Mathematics teachers and 30 class XII students. UB Mathematics Department’s Community Service Team consisting of Prof. Dr. Agus Suryanto, M.Sc., Dr. Marsudi, Trisilowati, Ph.D., Dr. Wuryansari Muharini Kusumawinahyu, and Ummu Habibah, Ph.D. enthusiastically conveying various important information related to UB Mathematics Study Program.

One of the main objectives of this activity is to eliminate stereotypes that cause a lack of interest of prospective students in UB Mathematics Study Program. The majority of people think that the Mathematics Study Program only focuses on pure mathematics such as algebra, geometry and analysis, but this is far from the reality. In these activities, students and teachers are given further understanding of this study program, including various fields that can be explored and their implications in the world of work.

“With this activity, we hope to change the public’s view of UB Mathematics Study Program. The Mathematics Study Program at UB does not only teach pure mathematics, but also offers a variety of attractive career opportunities and bright job prospects for its graduates,” said Prof. Dr. Agus Suryanto.

The results of a survey conducted at the end of the activity showed encouraging results. SMA/MA students who attended had additional insights about higher education, especially about UB Mathematics Study Program. Students and teachers admit that they now have a better understanding of the importance of Mathematics Study Program and the active role of alumni in society.

One of the Mathematics teachers who attended the event stated, “I am amazed by the achievements and contributions of UB Mathematics Study Program alumni in society. This activity has opened our eyes about the great opportunities and potential that students have who choose the Mathematics Study Program.”

It is hoped that this activity will be the first step to further promote UB Mathematics Department to Mathematics teachers and their students at High Schools in Banyuwangi Regency. With an increased level of attractiveness and interest of prospective students, it is hoped that UB Mathematics Study Program can play a more role in increasing the College’s Gross Enrollment Rate, as well as producing quality graduates who will contribute positively to society and the nation.

Universitas Brawijaya as one of the leading tertiary institutions in Indonesia continues to be committed to provide quality education that is relevant to the needs of the times. With the Mathematics Study Program which has been accredited Superior by LAMSAMA and internationally accredited by ASIIN, and supported by highly qualified teaching staff, UB Mathematics Study Program is the right choice for prospective students who are interested in the world of mathematics and want to have a career in various promising fields. ( AS/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)