The Development of Mangrove Edupark on Cisiu Island by FPIK Doctoral Service Team

Mangrove education to student visitors by FPIK DM Team

Doctoral Service Activities at Brawijaya University which the implementation was chaired by Feni Iranawati from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) carried out service activities in Pangkahkulon Village, Ujungpangkah District, Gresik Regency. Together with members of the service team, namely Mochamad Arif Zainul Fuad, Ledhyane Ika Harlyan, Husnul Khotimah and Widhy Hayuhardhika Nugraha Putra, carried out joint activities with partner villages to develop Mangrove Edupark on Cisiu Island, Pangkahkulon Village, Ujungpangkah District, Gresik Regency.

This activity includes building a gazebo or reading house, including providing mangrove education books and mangrove education training for young children. In total, there are 114 mangrove educational books provided in the reading gazebo which can be used by tourists who want to travel while studying at Mangrove Edupark on Cisiu Island. The handover of the reading gazebo and training props to the management of Cisiu Island Mangrove Edupark, namely Pokmaswas Pangkahkulon Village, was carried out on November 3 2023. Mangrove education training was given to students from Ta’Miriyah Kindergarten, Kalingapuri Hamlet, Pangkahkulon Village. This training aims to build character as early as possible in children who live around the mangrove area of Cisiu Island so that they become more loving of the environment and are expected to participate in preserving mangrove forests in the future.

During the mangrove education training activity, mangrove seedlings were also planted in the nursery provided, guided by Mr. Robah, who is the Chair of Pokmaswas Pangkahkulon Village.

Planting mangrove seedlings guided by the Chair of Pangkahkulon Village Pokmaswas and the FPIK DM Team

This service activity also involved four students from FPIK to live and do activities in Pangkahkulon Village for approximately one month from July to August 2023 in the context of the Community Service Program (KKN). According to the partner village, KKN participating students really help with activities carried out in the village starting from re-registering UKM and inputting population data in Pangkahkulon Village, helping with the learning process in PAUD and additional learning activities for elementary school students around where KKN participants live, helping with activities in village in commemoration of World Mangrove Day and the Proclamation of 17 August and many other activities.

Handover of the reading gazebo, training props to the Cisiu Island Mangrove Edupark management from FPIK DM Team

The village is very supportive of the activities carried out so far because it has partnered with FPIK UB since starting in 2017, both through the Doctoral Service activities funded by Brawijaya University and through the Higher Education Partner Village Development Program (PPDM) from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

Robah as the Chair of Pangkahkulon Village Pokmaswas, hopes that this program can continue next year so that the development of mangrove edupark will be better with the improvement of available facilities and infrastructure.

“It is also hoped that many visitors will come on tour so that it can provide additional income for the residents and government of Pangkahkulon Village,” said Robah. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).