PPDS UB Campaigns for Heart Health from an Early Age

The Specialist Doctor Education Program (PPDS) Brawijaya University (UB) carried out Community Service (Pengmas) activities on Thursday (1/2). The activity was carried out at Ngijo 1 Elementary School, Malang Regency with the theme “Blue Screening and Echocardiography Examination for Congenital Heart Disease and Launching of an Educational Pocket Book for Congenital Heart Disease Patients and Families.”

This community service activity was held in collaboration between several parties. Collaboration between the Association of Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors (Perki) Malang, Syaiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA) Malang, Faculty of Medicine (FK) UB and Malang Regency Government (Pemkab). Present to open the activity was the Regent of Malang, Drs. Sanusi MM.

In his speech, Sanusi said that this outreach activity was very important to provide knowledge regarding early detection of heart disease to the public from an early age. It is hoped that the public will be able to maintain health, avoid and know about various treatments related to heart disease.

“I would like to thank and appreciate the concern of Perki Malang and FK UB to carry out community service activities in Malang. The health of the younger generation is one of the keys to a better future. The Healthy Community Movement is one of the important programs carried out by Malang Regency Government,” said Sanusi.

“Knowledge and concern for always maintaining health from an early age needs to continue to be promoted. Health will be able to increase community resilience and welfare, continued Sanusi.

This activity was carried out in several series of agendas. Counseling regarding heart disease by Dr. Valerinna Yogibuana, Sp, JP(K), Launching educational pocket book for congenital heart disease patients and their families, book delivery, screening and data collection, and examination of heart disease patients. A total of 10 PPDS UB people were directly involved in carrying out this community service activity. [pon/ron/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]