Community Service: FMIPA UB Introduces AI for Teaching and Learning Process in Pasuruan

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held training on artificial intelligence (AI) application to prepare the Teaching and Learning Process (PBM) at SMA 1 Pasuruan. This activity is part of the Community Service (PKM) program for the dissemination of AI technology in society.

The PKM team consists of five experts who have their respective roles in this activity. Firdy Yuana, S.Si, M.Si, as team leader, Dr. Heru Harsono, M.Si, who introduced AI-based physics applications, Drs. Ah. Agus Dardiri, M.Si, who focuses on basic introduction to AI, Achmad Hidayat, S.Si., M.Si, who is responsible for AI technology, and Dr. Drs. Sugeng Rianto, M.Sc, who teaches the application of AI in research and teaching and learning process.

This training was held in May 2024, attended by more than 40 teachers and opened by the Principal of SMA 1 Pasuruan. The vice principal guides the training. In this activity, Sugeng Rianto explained how to utilize AI technology, especially generative AI, to create teaching materials for high school teachers.

“The importance of this training is to increase teacher competency in utilizing AI technology. We hope that teachers can use AI to create more innovative and interesting teaching materials,” said Firdy Yuana, PKM team leader.

Dr. Heru Harsono, M.Si, added that AI-based physics applications can help teachers explain complex concepts more interactively and easily understood. Furthermore, Achmad Hidayat, S.Si., M.Si, showed how generative AI can be used to produce new and relevant learning content.

“With generative AI, we can create teaching materials that are more varied and suit students’ needs,” explained Achmad Hidayat.

Sugeng Rianto also explained about the application of AI in research and teaching and learning process. “AI can be used to create an adaptive learning environment and support a more effective teaching and learning process,” he said.

This training received a positive response from the participants. They feel they have gained new knowledge about how AI can be used in an educational context. One of the participants, a biology teacher, stated that this training opened his insight into the potential of AI to help create more interesting and effective teaching materials. “I now better understand how to use AI to create teaching materials that are more interactive and fun for students,” he said.

In addition, this training is also expected to encourage collaboration between schools and universities in developing educational technology. “We hope that this collaboration can continue to improve the quality of education in Indonesia,” said the principal of SMA 1 Pasuruan.

AI application training by FMIPA UB at SMA 1 Pasuruan is an important step in preparing teachers to face the digital era. With a better understanding of AI technology, it is hoped that teachers can optimize its use in the teaching and learning process, so that education in Indonesia can continue to develop and compete at the global level. [pon/fmipa/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]