The Signing of the Extension of Cooperation Agreement UPT UB Library and BSN

UB Library signs the extension of the Cooperation Agreement on Information Dissemination through SNI Corner with the National Standardization Agency (BSN), Thursday (12/5/2022). This event was held in UB Library Building, Meeting Room 1 Floor 1. The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Head of Public Relations, Cooperation, and Information Services Bureau of BSN, Zul Amri and the Head of UPT Universitas Brawijaya Library, Dr. Iwan Permadi, S.H., M. Hum.

In addition to signing of the extension Cooperation Agreement (PKS), the activity was also filled with the Socialization of Empowerment of SNI Corner UB in Supporting Tridharma and Increasing National Competitiveness. Therefore, UB Library holds this event in a hybrid method by inviting Reading Room officers of the faculties and broadcasting it via zoom.

“BSN has several international collaborations and these standards can be adopted by following international standard procedures. Standardization and certification have several benefits, namely ensuring the position of SMEs to be safer, safety is more guaranteed, these standards are used and applied domestically and abroad and are notified to the WTO when SNI is required,” said the Head of Public Relations, Cooperation, and BSN Information Service Bureau, Zul Amri.

The second material on Standards as Reference in Education and Business was delivered by the Coordinator of Information Services and Library Substances of BSN, Minanuddin. He said the entire academic community, including librarians, needed to have knowledge of standards so that it is important to be used as competencies. Currently, BSN has a collection of 61,454 SPK standards and references. Besides that, BSN has also established good cooperation with Universities and Local Governments in terms of organizing 32 SNI Corners.

Along with all-digital era, SNI Corner is currently also present in the form of the latest application, namely SNI Corner portal where the application is a collection or summary of various sources of information and services available at BSN.

As a follow-up to the previous material, the last material given was how to use the latest SNI Corner application by BSN Packaging Analyst, Indra Saefuddin.

“This latest application is a renewal of the old application with a more attractive display and easier to use so that people can maximize their use of SNI Corner,” said Indra Saefuddin in his presentation.

Through this SNI Corner Cooperation, it is hoped that Universitas Brawijaya Library can more easily collect, select, process, maintain, provide information data about standardization and conformity assessment. [library/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]