ILPEM FISIP Held Probin Maba

Identities Embedding for Youth Probin 2020, Saturday (3/10)

Governmental Science (ILPEM) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) held a Development Program (Probin), Saturday (3/10/2020).

The probin activity officially began by pinning the name tags of the 2020 ILPEM probin participants by the Head of the Department of Government Science, Fathur Rahman, S.IP., MA.

This Probin takes place online from 05.30 WIB to 11.30 WIB using zoom meeting platform and is attended by 180 ‘young governments of 2020’ (2020 youth).

“Welcome to the ILPEM UB study program, welcome to the young candidates of the Indonesian people’s hope, welcome to lovers and devotees who will forge themselves into our people,” said Nurcholis Mahendra, the Chair of the Ilpem Association.

The Pemuda 2020 program was attended by Fathur Rahman, S.IP., MA. as the Head of the Department of Governmental Science FISIP UB, Rizqy Bachtiar, S.IP., MA. As a presenter, Nurcholis Mahendra, Chair of the ILPEM Association, and Chief Executive of the 2020 ILPEM Probin, Gesta Agam Ernando.

In his speech, Gesta said that true solidarity was only found in acts of compassion in his existence and practitioners. Acting in solidarity is certainly in line with the spirit of unity, and the spirit of Indonesia’s evolution. The extent to where we are able to move against visible and invisible oppression. So, close the ranks and get ready the pemuda 2020.

By choosing the theme of solidarity and national insight, it is hoped that new students of governmental science can strengthen solidarity between new students in their class and the upper generations. In addition, new students are also expected to be able to answer the nation’s challenges to build a better Indonesian nation. (22 / rma / Humas FISIP / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)