The Opening Ceremony of MTQ UB: Optimizing Potentials for the Benefit of the People

As a form of Loving Qur’an, Universitas Brawijaya through the Directorate of Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship and the Religious Arts Student Activity Unit held a Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran XV. This event is held in a hybrid method from Friday to Sunday (17-19/6/2022) in several locations, and is opened.

According to Muhammad Gibran Al Kara as the Chief Executive of MTQ XV UB, one of these activities is intended as a preparation. “We hope that this activity can be a forum for faculty contingent to prepare for the National Student MTQ this year,” explained the student of the Forestry Study Program.

According to the Coordinator of MTQ XV UB, Ratno Bagus Edy Wibowo, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D, the number of MTQ participants this year was recorded as 151 participants. “This MTQ is an event to show the beauty of Al Quran. Hopefully, we can develop and use mind and optimize the potential for human benefit,” said the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, FMIPA.

Al-Qur’an also teaches, added Ratno, that all of us in UB are brothers. “Hopefully we can unite and compete for goodness and continue to learn from those who are good at reading Qur’an, reciting, writing it, and interpreting it, so that we have an improvement in reading Qur’an, understanding, contemplating and practicing Qur’an, to achieve Quranic character,” he concluded.

Representing the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship, Dr. Agung Pramana Warih Marhendra, M.Si said that UB Student Affairs always supports opportunities that can develop students’ potential and soft skills. “Including one of these activities, although there is no information that there will be a national stage, there must still be guidance in UB as if sending a national level delegation”, he explained.

MTQ XV UB in 2022 consists of 14 branches, related to art, knowledge and things related to life. “The interesting thing is that there is a scientific debate on Quran, in Arabic and English. This means that it is a study of the problems of life around us, linked to the values ​​contained in Qur’an,” he explained.

“I hope, with this musabaqah spirit, Brawijaya will vibrate with the works, the behavior that is embedded in us and associate us with Islamic values,” he concluded.

The competitions in this year’s MTQ include Musabaqah Tartil Quran, Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran, Musabaqah Syarhill Quran, Musabaqah KTIA, Musabaqah Kahttil Quran Decoration and Contemporary, Musabaqah DAQ, Musabaqah Fahmil Quran, Musabaqah Hifdzil Quran 5 to 30 juz, and Musabaqah Quran Debate in Arabic and English. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)