Krida FTUB 2023 Start with Role and Function of Students



The New Student Development Program of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB), is continuing. Saturday, September 9, 2023, all FTUB freshmen were gathered in Student Krida activities.

First-year students are divided into 5 clusters: the Prof Ir Suryono Auditorium of FTUB Main Building, The 2nd Floor of Architecture Building, the Water Resources Engineering Building Auditorium, the 3rd Floor PWK Studio, and the Industrial Engineering Building Auditorium.

Dr. Eng. Ir. Herry Santosa, ST., MT., IPM as The Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Student Entrepreneurship, said that Krida will be divided into eight activities: four are coordinated at the faculty level and four at the department level.

“Krida today introduced the Student Governance Performance Information System (Simkatmawa) and provided material on Student Roles and Functions. We hope that first-year students can utilize the Simkatmawa Information System and play an active role in various student activities, both academic and non-academic,” he said.

He added that in Krida, first-year students will be introduced more deeply to the tri dharma of higher education, which consists of 3 pillars: education, which will be introduced to the lecture system faced in each department. Second, research will be channeled through the Student Creativity Program (PKM). Community Service will end the program by introducing campus life through the Student Work Camp (KKM).