Material Briefing for KIP Ambassadors Candidates

Material Briefing for 2023 KIP Ambassador Candidates

The Information and Public Relations Division of Brawijaya University held the Selection of Public Information Freedom (KIP) Ambassadors in 2023. The fourth material briefing was given to 16 participants, Tuesday (21/11/2023) on the 6th floor of the Rectorate Building.

KIP 2022 Ambassador, Airlangga Duta Purwa Sardono delivered material related to Personality, Attitude and Grooming. He said that being any ambassador means being ready to change our self-image according to the task given.

“We have to be able to position ourselves, how to behave and respond regarding Information Disclosure for example,” said this Vocational Faculty student.

Regarding appearance and clothing, according to him, this can be a differentiating factor among fellow Ambassadors. Like he always neatly styles his hair in the same style. Moreover, as a differentiator he usually uses additional accessories.

“To deny the aura of friends while on duty. “We have to pay attention to our appearance, at least we have a different appearance from other ambassadors,” he said.

However, he advised Ambassadors to still pay attention to the ethics that apply in each institution. “Don’t use too little or too much until people see it becomes strange,” he said.

Dr. Dra. Lely Indah Mindarti, M.Si, Head of Information and Data Services Subdivision, said that the selection of KIP Ambassadors was UB’s innovation to maintain the Informative title from the Central Public Information Commission (KIP).

In fact, the next selection of ambassadors will be at the provincial level which will be commanded by the East Java Provincial Communication and Information Service.

“So there will be competition between universities,” she added.[sitirahma/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]