Website Management Training for the Community of Gondowangi Village

The Doctor Serve Team of the Department of Mathematics FMIPA conducted training on Village Website Management and Utilization of Google Features in Gondowangi Village, Wagir District, Malang Regency, Saturday (8/8/2020).

The head of the Doctor Serve team, Dr. Noor Hidayat, M.Si. said the website is one of the media for an organization / institution to provide information to the public regarding the potential of the organization or institution.

“Moreover, Gondowangi Village has been widely known for its achievements, so the existence of a website is important. Coincidentally, the old website already exists, but it doesn’t update the news at all, and the old manager has also been released, “said Noor.

In this activity, the DM team created a new website, which is easier to manage.

“We teach village officials as website operators. Population data is one of the contents for the website of Gondowangi Village. The data is displayed in tables or diagrams in purpose of making it easier for users to read it. The data processing is using Google sheets and Google Studio, ”said Noor.

In order to make it easier to update the data, it is necessary to conduct training on how to update the data.

“Therefore, we plan to carry out training related to updating data,” said Noor explaining the next training.

At the Hall of Gondowangi Village, the team also taught the community starting from general website introduction, introduction to website features, website management via PC (Personal Computer) or mobile or cellphone, how to choose interesting media or photos, to introduction to compose a good and true narrative script.

“The students who helped also provide training in making informative presentation slides,” said Noor.

Gondowangi Village website is an asset that is owned by Gondowangi Village. Therefore, the management should also be carried out by the village.

“Therefore, we conduct this training for village officials, with the hope that this management does not depend on other parties. “Hopefully with this training, the management of the village website in Gondowangi will run well,” he said. [DM / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].