Marketing and Finance Training for MSME Development Strategy in Malang  

FEB UB lecturer, DR Wuryan Andayani provides guidance on how to make simple financial reports and market products through social media. This Community Service Implementation will be carried out in July 2023 using the lecture method and the material is presented in power point shows.

Guidance to MSMEs, Wuri provides explanation on how to make financial reports and prepare several financial transaction logbooks, including cash books, inventory books, Purchases of Goods books, and debt and accounts receivable books.

“The data sources used to make financial reports are receipts or sales and purchase notes. Receipts are used for the amount of goods sold. Receipts can also be used as evidence,” he said.

Wury gave an example; A company called PT Maju Jaya sells cassava cheese and potato balado products, which has an initial cash balance of IDR 5,500,000. In January, the company managed to sell 30 pcs of cheese cassava and 50 pcs of balado potatoes with total cash sales of IDR 4,000,000. And in that month PT Maju Jaya had to pay expenses to pay for electricity, telephone and transportation of IDR 2,000,000.

The Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) in 2022 stated that internet users in Indonesia reached around 196 million people or around 72.8% of Indonesia’s total population, which reached 270 million people. This shows that internet use in Indonesia is increasing and showing a positive trend. The growth of e-commerce has also increased rapidly with the total value of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia reaching USD 40 in 2020, an increase of 37.46% from the previous year. There are several challenges that need to be overcome to increase internet use in Indonesia, such as the low level of digital literacy in Indonesian society. MSMEs are a business sector that is quite important for the economy in Indonesia, but many have difficulty accessing a wider market and in terms of management and human resources. (WRY/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).