Japanese Culinary Entrepreneurship Training at Panti Asuhan Putri Aisyiyah Malang

Practice of Cooking Japanese Cuisine
Practice of Cooking Japanese Cuisine

The Study Programme of Japanese Literature (SPJL) Team of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has carried out Community Service Programme activities at the Aisyiyah Women’s Orphanage or known as Panti Asuhan Putri (PAP) Aisyiyah (PAP) Malang. This team held an Entrepreneurship Training by the practice of cooking Japanese cuisine for high school students who were the foster children at PAP Aisyiyah Malang.

The activity began with remarks by the Chief Executive, Emma Rahmawati Fatimah, M.A., followed by the opening by the Head of the Orphanage, Aning Rohani. Then, the presentation of entrepreneurship material was delivered by Putri Sekarsari who is a Japanese culinary entrepreneur and the owner of a culinary business with the “Midori” brand. The participants focused on listening to each material presented. The delivery of easy-to-understand material, as well as stories from Putri’s entrepreneurial experiences while developing her business made the entrepreneurship training atmosphere enjoyable.

The next activity is the cooking practice of Japanese culinary which can be used as an entrepreneurial choice. This cooking practice was planned to be accompanied by the native speaker of SPJL FCS UB, Ogawa Yuki. However, due to the high risk of the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Malang, the cooking assistance was replaced with a cooking video by Ogawa Yuki.

After watching the video, participants were divided into five teams to practice cooking Japanese dishes, namely makizushi and chikin karaage. These two dishes were chosen because the ingredients are easily available, the manufacturing process is easy, popular in the community, and has a fairly competitive selling value.

The enthusiasm of the participants was very high in this cooking practice. It was seen from the speed of cook and the beauty in the food arrangement.

At the end of the cooking practice session, an assessment was carried out by a team of lecturers who were the judges to determine the group with the best cooking results. Aspects that are assessed from each dish were the accuracy of cooking methods, taste, and beauty of presentation, cleanliness both during cooking and after cooking. Finally, Cindy and Aida’s group was chosen to be the best presenter of makizushi and chikin karaage recipes.

“With this entrepreneurship training activity, we hope that we can provide knowledge and instill an entrepreneurial spirit to the foster children of PAP Aisyiyah Malang so that they can be equipped when they have graduated from school and enter the community to become prospective entrepreneurs in the future”, said Emma. [DTS]