Inauguration of 34 Specialist Doctors of FKUB

A total of 34 new Specialist Doctors from the Specialist Doctor Education Study Program (PS – PDS) Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FK UB) on Tuesday (27/2/2024) were officially inaugurated then taken the oath by the Dean of FKUB Dr. Dr. Wisnu Barlianto, M, Si.Med, SpA(K).

The activity which took place at Grahamedika Building, 2nd Floor of FKUB, was also attended by the leadership of FKUB Deans, Representatives of the Director of RSSA Malang, Representatives of FKUB Alumni Association and the families of new specialist doctor graduates.

In his remarks, the Secretary of the Specialist and Sub-Specialist Department of FK UB, Dr. Dr. Agustin Iskandar, M.Kes., Sp.PK(K), expressed his congratulations and gratitude to the new specialist doctors who have completed their education at specialist level smoothly and were able to complete their studies on time.

It was also conveyed in today’s inauguration that the total number of participants was 34 people, with details: 2 people from the Dermatology and Venereology study program, 8 people from the Orthopedics and Traumatology study program, 2 people from the Internal Medicine study program, and 2 people from the Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy study program 4 people, 8 people from the Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine study program, 1 person from the T.H.T.B.K.L Health Sciences study program, 1 person from the Neurology study program and 3 people from the Urology study program.

At the end of his report, Agustin advised that the graduates could use their specialist competencies after this, so that they could bring benefit to society.

“My fellow new specialist doctors, whom I respect and am proud of, after many years of specialist education, now is the time for us to apply and dedicate the competencies we have acquired to society.”

“Education of specialist doctors needs to be accompanied by improving the quality of health services. Quality education will certainly improve the quality of public health services and vice versa. Finally, congratulations on devoting your specialist competence, hopefully it will be useful for society,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FKUB, Dr. Dr. Wisnu Barlianto, M,Si.Med, SpA(K), in his speech conveyed several things. Apart from advising graduates to always take wisdom or lessons from the many things they have learned in lectures, not only related to science but also soft skills. Dr. Wisnu also hopes that the graduates will help government programs in efforts to equalize health workers.

“So, one of the crucial problems that has not been resolved over the years regarding health workers is the distribution of health workers. Therefore, the government organizes activities to empower specialist doctors, which are currently not mandatory, not similar to before (PKPS) but are voluntary, but I think this is very significant if you can take part, for one year in places that have determined, helping improve health and also providing health services to the Indonesian people not only in Java but also outside Java,” said Wisnu.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Wisnu also advised to always maintain the good name of the alma mater and always be competent towards it

“I hope that after becoming alumni, you can maintain the good name of your alma mater because later if there is something or other, they will definitely be asked which graduate? I think we want to get positive things because of our achievements. And that would be very proud for UB. Don’t because there is something negative that I think will embarrass you and tarnish the good name of your alma mater. And we hope that you can work well, be competent and always bring good things to make our alma mater proud,” he said. (ron/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)