PDKT Eases Congestion

VICKY TIMEngineers can excel in the social field too, perhaps this expression can pictured the expression of the four students of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) 2016, Faculty of Engineering (FT), Universits Brawijaya (UB) winning the 2nd place in the Student Creativity Program (PKM) Rector Cup 2017 PKM-SOSHUM category.

Being asked to change the title by the supervisor, Imma Widyawati Agustin ST. MT. Ph.D, four students consisting of Teuku Zulfikar Ali Fahrezi, Renda Rezkita, Agnes Wiratamia Nugraha, dan Sayu Amalia Irwanto decided choose a work entitled Traffic Congestion Reduction with PDKT System in Gajayana-Sumbersari Malang.

“To meet Mrs. Imma request to change the title, we decided to find a solution to the problem exist in our near vicinity, the congestion in Jalan Gajayana-Sumbersari which until now has not been solved yet,” said the team leader, Teuku Zulfikar or familiarly called Vicky.

Introducing PDKT, one of the solutions to reduce traffic congestion in Jalan Gajayana – Sumbersari Road city of Malang which are frequently has traffic jams at the intersections with traffic management policies that will be summarized in Priority, Demand and Capacity Tactics.

Priority, is to prioritize public transport using private vehicles for the use of personal vehicles is much more than public transport. While Demand is changing the stalled vehicle from the busy area to the looser area. Changing modes of transport as well as the control of the land use.

Capacity, make road capacity as effectively as possible so that the traffic flow smoothly. And last but not least is the Tactic. The key point in this system is the tactics, strategies in managing priorities, demand, and capacity so that it can improve the performance of the roads and intersections as well as provide security, safety and smoothness of road users in the study area.

“With good management we expect that congestion around Gajayana-Sumbersari can be eased and who knows with further research it can overcome the bottlenecks in Malang and Indonesia,” Vicky hopes. (mic)