The Committee of FILKOM UB Community Service Visits Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-district

Before the Real Work Lecture (KKN) started, representatives of the committee consisting of FILKOM lecturers and education staff came to one of the sub-districts where the students were going to carry out KKN, namely in Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency.

Represented by the Head of Information Systems Study Program, Yusi Tyroni Mursityo, S.Kom., M.S., M.AB. also with the entourage visited Sumbermanjing Wetan sub-district office on Monday (20/6/2022). The delegation from FILKOM UB was warmly welcomed by the Head of Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-district, Agus Naruji, together with the Secretary of the Sub-district and the Head of Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-district.

“We are representatives of the Faculty of Computer Science asking for permission from the Head of Sub-district for our students who will carry out community service activities from July to August, especially in Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-district. Later, students will help manage information technology in the village to help develop and advance the village,” explained Yusi in his speech.

Yusi also conveyed that the focus to be achieved from this FILKOM KKN activity is the development of technology and IT in various sectors in the targeted area, starting from the economic, education and tourism sectors which exist in several villages that do have potential. In addition, later FILKOM UB students will also collaborate with students from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) in implementing real work lecture.

The Secretary of the Sub-district (Sekcam) of Sumbermanjing Wetan responded positively to the intention and purpose of holding community service in the villages in Sumbermanjing Wetan. He conveyed his welcome to FILKOM UB students who will carry out community service activities in Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-district. All village officials will fully support the community service activities and hope that students will be able to have a positive impact to the residents of Sumbermanjing Wetan.

“We ask for the help and cooperation, with students who have good knowledge and theory, we hope that it can be applied and implemented directly to the community, if there are things that are not appropriate and not pleasing to the community, we will also apologize,” said the Secretary of Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-district.

Of course, with the help of FILKOM UB students through the Real Work Lecture program, it will be very helpful for the government in the village, especially from the development of information technology (IT) which can be used in village governance on a regular basis. [drn/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]