Show off Their Excellent Products, FILKOM’s Booth is the Best at Expo UB 2015

FILKOM's booth is the best at Expo UB 2015Excellent product exhibition booth of Faculty of Computer Science selected as the best booth in the expo and open house event at University of Brawijaya (UB) 2015. The event organized as one of the 53rd UB’s anniversary event series. In the event convened for two days (21-22/Dec/2015), all the faculties and working units at UB joined in to participate in showing off many excellent workings and research. Not excepted with FILKOM UB who also presented many student’s and lecturer’s workings. Because of the works to be displayed quite diverse and interesting, therefore visitors and the committee bestowed title of the best booth into FILKOM’s.

Excellent workings presented by FILKOM, on the occasion such as game maze, a result of augmented reality implementation, thus allows the player to feel playing in an atmosphere like reality. Game maze should be played with specific device installed at player’s eyes. By using the device, then players can see the surroundings in a labyrinth. Then players simply move to choose the way and room to find the way out. Every time moving then the atmosphere presented in the game will change as real condition. Therefore, players should move freely, then a wide room is needed to play the game.

In addition, on the occasion, FILKOM showed off also computer laboratory and robotics masterpiece, in form of robots with many functions. Such as, football robot that usually used in Indonesia Football Robotics Contest and animal robots that resemble a dog. Visitors who are UB’s and Senior High School students throughout East Java to be invited to attend, many people see and try to play the masterpiece showed off at FILKOM’s booth.

To be known, Expo and Open House UB 2015 organized aimed to introduce UB along with its working units and faculties to the public. Hopefully the visitors who are attended, particularly Senior High School students throughout East Java could be interested and then make one of faculties at UB as his/her further study target after graduated. [dna/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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