Ormnicro, IoT Based Organic Waste Management and Monitoring System for BSF Fly Cage

ORMNicro Team

Increasing awareness of the accumulation of waste management has become an inspiration for a group of students at Universitas Brawijaya. This group makes an organic waste processing tool and a monitoring tool for BSF fly cages, called Ormnicro. By cooperating with TPST Tumpag Lestari, this tool can help TPST to be able to process organic waste more easily and usefully, where later the results of waste processing can have economic value.

The team consisting of Shafina Rifdhayanti Zein, Charis Maulana, Akhdan Zaim, Ridho Firmansyah and Aulia Angkasa who was supervised by Eka Maulana, S.T., M.T from the Faculty of Engineering, made innovations in the organic waste chopping machine and the BSF fly cage monitoring system which can support the development and production of maggot in Tumpang Lestari TPST more maximally and efficiently.

“The focus of making this tool from the beginning has been aimed at environmental concern and aims at how we turn waste into goods that have economic value and benefit the surrounding community, especially Tumpang Lestari TPST,” said Charis.

ORMNicro is an organic waste management system and BSF fly cage monitoring system that is integrated with the Internet of Things.

“ORMNicro is also equipped with an organic waste chopper machine where the output of this chopper can be adjusted for the fine or coarse texture of the required enumeration results according to the size of the baby maggot’s mouth and feeding system until it becomes an adult maggot,” said Shafina.

Making filters classified into three types aims to fine-tune the texture of the chopped organic waste as maggot feed.

“Besides enumerator, we also equip this organic waste processing system with a spinner which can later reduce the water content in the maggot feed and can produce liquid fertilizer from the used water of the organic waste spinner,” said the Electrical Engineering student.

“This combination of choppers and slicers/spinners can certainly be the answer for maggot cultivators at Tumpang Lestari TPST, who have had difficulty adjusting the texture and water content of maggot feed,” added Shafina.

The development of the BSF fly cage itself is the creation of a monitoring system for the state of the cage that can help BSF fly farmers improve the development and reproduction of BSF flies through several sensors and actuators that have been installed in the BSF fly cages. The system in the BSF fly cage is already integrated with the Internet of Things where monitoring data can be accessed in real time via a smartphone.

Ormnicro can be widely commercialized, especially for people who work as maggot cultivators or to several 3R TPSTs in Indonesia as an innovation for a Waste Management System into Goods with economic value.

This innovation won the title of Champion I at PLN ICE, a series of activities in the context of National Electricity Day. In this event, the Re-Techno Brawijaya team succeeded in obtaining funding to complete the final stage of research and testing, after competing with 400 inventor teams throughout Indonesia. (Tim/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)