Optimization of KJPRI UB Marketing Activities through Digital Media

Dr. M.Khoiru Rusydi, MAK, Ak, BKP, CA with the team initiate the Optimization of KJPRI UB Marketing Activity through Digital Media

Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (FEB-UB) Dr. M. Khoiru Rusydi, MAK, Ak, BKP, CA initiated the optimization of cooperative marketing activities through digital media.

Through the Doctoral Service program, Khoiru and the team carried out an analysis related to the main problems faced and provided solutions to the Republic of Indonesia Civil Service Cooperatives and Services Universitas Brawijaya (KJPRI UB).

“We are doing this activity because digital marketing has become one of the media that is often used by business people because of consumers’ new ability to follow the flow of digitalization, some companies are gradually starting to leave the conventional marketing model and switch to modern marketing. However, not all business actors can apply it optimally,” Khoiru explained.

The service, which starts from July to October 2022, includes two activities that are also carried out at KJPRI, namely Focus Group Discussions (FGD) related to problems, and assistance in implementing the solutions obtained.

As a result, KJPRI has three main things that need to be optimized related to digital media. The first is website optimization. The website plays an important role in providing information on services and products owned by KJPRI. So that customers will find it easier to make purchases and services that can be done at the cooperative.

The second is related to product photos. There are still many products that have not been inputted neatly and properly into the website, so Dr. Khoiru and the team carry out product photo activities, to make it easier for customers to carry out transactions.

The last is social media optimization. Marketing through social media is considered more effective because the funds spent are not as large as conventional marketing and marketing coverage is wider and real-time.

Therefore, KJPRI is advised to be more active in using social media as a marketing medium, including in engaging with customers as well as information on ongoing promos.

“It is hoped that this activity can help KJPRI’s marketing, so that in the future many people will make transactions and provide increased income and benefits to their members,” concluded Khoiru. [Chan/Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]