Processing Fish into Biscuit, FPIK UB Team Wins Two Medals

Another achievement was won by UB students. This time, a delegation from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences won a gold medal in an international competition, the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) 2022, through an innovative light snack food that is liked by many people, namely cookies made from Tilapia fish. This event was held online and offline on November 4 2022, and was attended by various teams from various regions in Indonesia and abroad.

The team consisted of Rizky Pratama, Gaza Algazali Hakim, Riffaldi Augusta Putra and Khairunisa Dwi Kurniawati. This innovation of Cookies from Tilapia Fish has the benefit of high protein snack made from tilapia fish which can increase the fishery economy from aquaculture. Under the guidance of lecturers from the faculty, namely Mrs. Febriyani Eka Supriatin, S.Si, M.Sc.

According to Rizky Pratama, one of the team representatives, the choice of tilapia fish was due to its high nutritional content. “This fish contains quite a lot of protein, iron, calcium and fat. In addition, it is also easy to obtain and the price is affordable so that it can meet the nutritional needs of the community while increasing the cultivator’s economy,” he explained.

He also added that the process of making these biscuits is similar to other cookies. The fish that has been cleaned is then boiled and separated between the meat and bones. Then it is mixed with other ingredients such as flour, powdered milk, baking soda and other additions and flavor enhancers, and put in the oven for 60 minutes before serving,” said the 2019 Batch student.

This innovation was made for one month. According to Rizky, regarding the obstacles in making this innovation, “Our small obstacle is that we are required to introduce our products in detail in a foreign language. But I didn’t expect to win the IYSA Gold Medal and Semi Grand Award,” he concluded. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]