ODIES, Revolutionary Solution for Oil Drilling Waste

Tim ODIES berikan Solusi Revolusioner untuk Limbah Pengeboran MinyakMechanical Engineering (TM) students made achievements in the National Applied Science Project Olympiad (NASPO) competition held by the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) on 19-22 December 2023.

Under the guidance of Prof. Ir. Sudjito, Ph.D., the team presented an innovation entitled Oil Drill Injection Energy System (ODIES) and won a silver medal.

This team consists of Sa Bashkaran Adi Warman (TM’21), Tegar Tri Saputro (TM’21), Anggit Mardi Makarim (TM’20), Vesakha Kenneth Owenmul (TM’20), and Try Satrio Putro (TM’19) .

“We want to create a revolutionary solution for dealing with oil drilling waste which has long been a serious environmental problem,” said Sa Bashkaran, one of the team members.

ODIES, is an innovative development of oil drilling waste towards renewable energy with CO2 injection and H2 enhancement.

In this system, the team uses CO2 as an injection agent which will assist in the extraction process of oil remains trapped in drilling wells.

In addition, by increasing H2 levels in this process, the team succeeded in producing renewable energy, hydrogen, which can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative energy source.

“This innovation is not just about dealing with waste, but also about how we can utilize it as a useful energy source,” said Sa Bashkaran.

This team is determined to continue developing and implementing this innovations to provide greater benefits to the environment and society. (mic)