Nasem Amar Syamlan, UB Outstanding Student from the Faculty of Medicine

Nasem Amar Syamlan from the Faculty of Medicine as the Main Outstanding Student

Nasem Amar Syamlan, a student of the Faculty of Medicine was selected as the Main Outstanding Student of Universitas Brawijaya. The process of announcing UB Outstanding Student was held on Monday (10/4/2023) in the Rector’s Building, Universitas Brawijaya, and was attended by several judges and Vice Dean for Student Affairs in the faculty.

In his remarks, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, S.H., M.H appreciated UB Outstanding Student participants. “Let’s all agree to improve student achievement wholeheartedly in a peaceful atmosphere without noise, hopefully what was expected of the speeches can be fulfilled. I remind students who are sent to the next level to always remember ‘Vini (I came), Vidi (I saw), Viji (I won)’. Hopefully our goal of increasing outstanding student can be achieved later.”

Also present was the President of EM UB, Rafly Rayhan Al-Khajri who welcomed this event. “We, as a student sovereignty institution in the executive field, welcome that we are ready to fully support the achievement improvement program in the student environment. We also congratulate the finalists who have successfully gone through various processes to the peak of the final, how then will UB have outstanding student figures as UB icons at the national and international levels,” he said.

Participants of UB Outstanding Students 2023

In this final session, the participants presented and analyzed their creative ideas. Participants from the Faculty of Vocational Studies gave presentations on innovative products in the form of prototypes or work. All participants were also assessed for their creative ideas and innovative products, visualization of delivery, as well as articulation and intonation during presentations in English.

From the event, the jury announced the 2023 Achievement Students of Universitas Brawijaya, including: Muhammad Daffa Alfandi from the Faculty of Law as the 2nd Winner, Dely Dahlia from the Faculty of Agriculture as the 1st Winner, Rezer Friskilla Wulan from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences as the 3rd Winner , M. Dilan Linoval from the Faculty of Engineering won 2nd place and Nasem Amar Syamlan from the Faculty of Medicine as the Main Outstanding Student. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]