Second Stage of Tracking: UB Plants Tree in Purwodadi Botanical Garden and Gives Donation

Second Day starts from Purwodadi Botanical Garden

The second day of UB’s (UB) tracking begins with activities in Purwodadi Botanical Garden. The second stage takes the route from Purwodadi Botanical Garden Start to Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Finish.

On this occasion, compensation was also given to the Online Ojek Women Personnel. Symbolically, the assistance was given by the Vice Rector IV (WR IV) for Planning and Cooperation, Prof. Sasmito Djati.

On this occasion, the planting of Asoka, Kateng, Dewandaru, Kepel and Tabebuya Emas trees was also carried out at Purwodadi Botanical Garden.

On this occasion, Sasmito Djati said that on this anniversary, UB wants to remember UB’s origins. UB wants to give more meaning and benefits to the surrounding community.

“UB wants to be an important part of the surrounding community. It is hoped that UB can provide meaning and benefits to the surrounding community, nation and state,” explained Vice Rector IV. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]