Murwa Niti Darma Begins Reyog Brawijaya’s Journey in 2024

Murwa Niti Darma between Reyog Brawijaya and Ponorogo Regency Government

In an effort to strengthen cooperation with the regional government, Brawijaya University, through the Dance and Karawitan Activity Unit, held a meeting with Ponorogo Regency Government. Through the routine agenda at the beginning of the year “Murwa Niti Darma”, Reyog Brawijaya is collaborating with Ponorogo Regency Government for the next year.

This activity was attended by Prof. Dr. Ir. Denny Widhyanuriyawan, S.T., M.T. as the Trustee of Reyog Brawijaya, Regent of Ponorogo Sugiri Sancoko, Head of Ponorogo Cultural Service and Dr. Sasmito, Principal of SMAN 3 Ponorogo and the school committee. “Murwa Niti Darma” or in Indonesian means starting a noble activity or work, is a routine Reyog Brawijaya event held at the beginning of the year

On this occasion, Denny said that Reyog Brawijaya contributed to the preservation and development of Reyog itself. “Since its existence from 2011 until now, in its journey Reyog Brawijaya has always made a real contribution in the realm of preserving and developing Reyog Ponorogo itself. It was proven, in participating in the Reyog Ponorogo National Festival competition in the first year 2013 we got 7th place but with persistence and high commitment in the following year, we got 2nd place (2015-2016) twice and in 2017 Reyog Brawijaya was able to win the FRN General Champion and was able to maintain it until 2019 and at the same time crowned Reyog Brawijaya as the defending FNRP champion and had the right to bring the Indonesian President’s Cup to Brawijaya University. We returned again last year in 2023 and succeeded in reclaiming the General Champion of Reyog Ponorogo National Festival in 2024,” he explained.

He also mentioned this existence not only on a national scale but also on an international level. “This is in line with UB’s vision and mission to become a university with an international reputation, one of which is through Reyog Brawijaya arts and culture. It was proven that Reyog Brawijaya was a cultural ambassador and was invited to perform/honorably perform in Antananarivo Madagascar in 2019, and last year 2023 Reyog Brawijaya was also invited to perform in Thailand. Not only performing, in the mission to develop and preserve Reyog Brawijaya we will also carry out promotions and create workshops on Reyog Ponorogo dance and music in the target countries. This proves that Brawijaya University is serious about preserving and developing Reyog Ponorogo and is not playing around,” he explained.

The Regent of Ponorogo also gave positive appreciation at the event. The man who is familiarly called Kang Sugiri supports UB’s steps in developing Reyog Ponorogo. “The hope is that in the future more and more universities will have Reyog, so that more and more academic people will care about the continuity of art, especially Reyog Ponorogo. “He also gave encouragement to the team not to get bored of the process and progress in art,” he said. This event closed with the cutting of the tumpeng and the beating of the gong by the Regent of Ponorogo and the Reyog Brawijaya supervisors which marked the start of Reyog Brawijaya’s noble activities/work for the next year. (UB PR/ Trans. Iir)