MRP Held Dzikir, Khotmil Quran, and Donations

In a series of commemoration of Universitas Brawijaya’s 58th Anniversary, Raden Patah Mosque, Universitas Brawijaya(MRP UB) held Dzikir, Khotmil Quran, and Donations on Thursday (17/12/2020) which was broadcasted live via Zoom Meeting and live streaming of You Tube.
Donation is given to orphans in ten orphanages in Malang Raya, Islamic boarding schools, and TPQ.
The event was opened with the recitation of Qur’an by Ust. Ibn Mujahid. Followed by an online speech as well as the opening ceremony by dr. Novi Ila, M. Kes as Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Dentistry representing the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry as the Head of UB’s 58th Anniversary Committee.
In his remarks Novi conveyed the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic which has an impact on various fields, including on the beloved campus of Universitas Brawijaya.
Trying and praying is what always has to be done.
“Therefore, today we gather to hold dhikr together, reciting Qur’an, as well as donations for orphans to strengthen our efforts in trying and praying,” said dr. Novi Ila, M. Kes.
The next remarks were delivered by the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya.
In his remarks, he hopes that the efforts will be made with generous endeavors in the hope that Allah can give His grace to Universitas Brawijaya and Civitas UB and the entire Indonesian nation so that the existing test, namely the COVID-19 pandemic, will be immediately lifted and lectures can take place offline again
This speech also opened a series of dhikr, prayer together, Khotmil Qur’an, and donations to orphans. (IKA / RA / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)