MOOSPIN, Automatic Milking Device & Sterilizer Using Plasma

The dairy farming in Indonesia is still classified as conventional. This can make milk easily contaminated with the environment.

Determined to increase the production and quality of the milk, three Universitas Brawijaya (UB) students designed an innovative automatic milking device and sterilizer using the non-thermal plasma sterilization method.

This idea was initiated by Electrical Engineering Students, Muhamad Ibnu Fajar and Veterinary Medicine Students Elfahra Casanza Amalda and M. Ali Akram Syah under the guidance of Ir. Nurussa’adah, MT.

The design of the device is integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) making it easier to monitor and control remotely.

“With IoT, users can easily monitor via a computer or smartphone,” Ibnu explained.

This automatic milking device is also connected to sterilization technology using a room temperature cold plasma which is flowed into a milk storage tank.

Even though in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the three of them did not dampen their enthusiasm to develop their ideas. Their The idea was designed with the visual design that approach the real design with accurate precision.

The tool, which was later named MOOSPIN, is planned to continue to be developed and has long-term prospects.

“In the future, we will look for investors who are willing to cooperate in developing this MOOSPIN prototype,” Ibnu continued.

Ibnu, on behalf of his team members, hopes that this tool will be able to improve the quality of the management of dairy farms for the people and industry in Indonesia so that they can produce a good quality milk which has higher economic value. (mif/mic)