Likes to Talk, FISIP Student becomes Podcast Winner

Student of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FISIP UB) Department of Psychology class of 2020, Tasya Rahmani won 2nd place in the 2023 Perspective Podcast Contest which was organized by Psychology Student Association of the Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University.

As many as 24 teams/individuals participated in from various universities. This competition was held online where each participant sent his work in the form of a video podcast.

“Initially because I like to talk, further discussing matters related to psychology. I also feel that through the podcast contest, I can hone my interests and insights. I only found out about many things related to psychology after searching for materials and research for this podcast competition. So actually, I studied my field of study as well as whet my interest,” said Tasya.

She said that she took part in this competition to fill his free time because the competition was held during holidays or the class schedule was empty. Through the podcast competition, she has won six awards both individually and as a team.

“The theme of the podcast in this competition is about ‘Toxic Relationship: Fix it or leave it’. My team mates and I decided to discuss this toxic relationship, which we studied using psychology as well. We chose the title Toxic Relationship: Is There a Reason to Survive?. Here we discuss about toxic relationships in general, real cases, how to deal with toxic relationships,” she said.

To make the podcast, Tasya always makes scripts related to what she wants to talk about and tries many times to record it. Through the recording he knew that the tone of his voice was not quite right. Whereas for psychocast team competition, she and her friends took the time so that the chemistry could and seemed natural. On the sidelines of practice they are also evaluated so that their performance is better.

“Uniquely, this competition has a weight of views and likes from Instagram of 30%. My friend and I are typical people who don’t have a lot of mass to help vote views and likes. As a result, yes it is sober. This makes us pessimistic and if we don’t get a chance to win because the other participants get hundreds of likes. But when we saw the results of the announcement of the winner, we were the ones who won 2nd place. It turned out that, on the other assessments, we were superior, so the advice is not to give up before the results are out,” said Tasya.

Tasya also shared tips for a podcast competition with an opening starting with rhymes, poetry or drama to attract the audience’s attention. If the podcast is solo, use a tone that is engaging and also adapts to the type of podcast you want to make, for the podcast, the team makes the podcast like chatting with friends, inserting jokes, and elaborating on topics that have gone viral, pay attention to audio quality, and don’t be shy or doubtful. (Uli/Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)