Partner Serving Analyzes Obstacle of BUMDesa Tulungagung Performance  

Lack of managerial skills is an obstacle for BUMDes of Sumber Rejeki Village in Samar village, Pagerwojo sub-district and Sejahtera Bersama in Kaliwungu village, Ngunut sub-district to achieve maximum performance. This is the main conclusion of the brainstorming activity or focus group discussion (FGD) with expert speakers guided by Shofwan, S.E., M.Si, a teaching staff of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB).

The activity which held within the framework of FEB UB community service program entitled Partner Serving with FEB focuses on managerial development of economic institutions in rural areas, on Friday (11/5/2021).

With Dr. Iswan Noor S.E., M.Si, Eddy Suprapto, S.E., M.E as facilitators and Ahmad Fauzi as the speaker, explained how the potential of the two BUMDes could be developed when managerial skills barriers could be overcome.

In his explanation, Fauzi emphasized his optimism that BUMDes of Sejahtera Bersama and Sumber Rejeki Tulungagung could achieve maximum performance. “If it is maximal, then it can provide an umbrella for village economic activities while it is able to reduce these limitations,” he said.

The quality of management resources is a key factor for the success of BUMDes to become the main economic actor in the village. “Improving coordination between business units and the quality of reports that provide new inspiration for the wardens is a step to strengthen the village economy,” said Fauzi.

Currently, BUMDes Sejahtera Bersama and Sumber Rejeki have developed well, but have not been able to develop all their potential.

Utilization of potential well, both natural and economic assets, is expected to be capital for the two BUMDes to increase the economic strength of the people in the two villages. “Improving the organizational structure, improving the skills of administrators and residents as well as improving the administrative system are efforts that must be made,” concluded the lecturer in the Department of Management. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]