Mission-E: Digital Platform to Calculate and Advocate Carbon Emissions

Indonesia is one of the largest carbon emitting countries in the world, especially from the land conversion sector. According to European Commission data, Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions volume in 2022 will reach 1.24 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent (Gt CO2e), around 2.3% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Even though by 2023, Indonesia will succeed in reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 118 million tons, these efforts are still not enough to achieve the emission reduction target promised in Paris Agreement.

To increase public awareness and participation in reducing carbon footprints, a digital platform called Mission-E was launched in December 2023. This platform is an initiative of a five-person founding team consisting of Aulia Annisa and Faraz Beniqno Muhammad Fauzan from Brawijaya University, Muhammad Aidil Fardhynata from. Padjajaran University, as well as Nadhillah Noor and Rezkytadewi Puspita from Jakarta State Polytechnic.

Mission-E Team

Mission-E, according to Annisa, will present various carbon-offset projects that have been carefully curated, specifically for Indonesian region, “These projects will cover various sectors that are relevant to Indonesian conditions, such as forest planting, renewable energy, and waste management”, she explained.

Projects featured will meet strict criteria that include environmental impact in Indonesia, sustainability at the local level, and accountability to users. It is ensured that these projects will meet national and international standards.

“Mission-E tries to encourage all parties to act in a climate neutral manner, in line with the vision of Paris Agreement. This platform is also in line with the Climate Neutral Now program, which invites individuals, organizations and companies to calculate, reduce and compensate their carbon footprint,” explained Annisa.

In addition, added this 2020 batch student, Mission-E also presents several features that can be useful for users, such as a Carbon Calculator which allows users to calculate the amount of carbon emissions resulting from daily activities, such as transportation, energy consumption and lifestyle.

“There is also an Education and Advocacy feature that provides information and tips on ways to reduce carbon emissions, as well as inviting users to participate in campaigns and real actions to pressure the government and private sector to be more responsible for the environment,” she explained.

There is also Carbon-Offsetting which provides the opportunity for users to contribute directly to reduce carbon emissions by supporting verified carbon offsetting projects, such as tree planting, waste management and renewable energy.

“With the presence of Mission-E, we hope that people will be more aware and concerned about the climate change issues and its impact on the environment and health, while encouraging people to prevent and adapt to climate change and also be part of the solution for a greener and more sustainable future. ”, she concluded.

Mission-E is one of the Top 20 Product-Based Capstone Projects in Bangkit Academy 2023 Batch 1 program, competing with 700+ other projects. Bangkit Academy is a collaborative initiative between Google, GoTo, and Traveloka which aims to prepare students as globally competent Indonesian digital talents. The success achieved ensured that Mission-E received incubation funding support of IDR 140 million from Google Indonesia and the Ministry of Education and Culture. (annisa/VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)