Approaching Hybrid Lectures, Rector Checks the Faculties’ Readiness

In an effort to maximize preparation for welcoming hybrid lectures, the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya this morning (20/1/2022) conducted a review to several faculties. This visit was carried out by the Rector accompanied by the Vice Rector for Administration and Finance, the Director and Secretary of the Directorate of Academic Services, and the University Secretary.

Rector’s Visit to the Faculty of Law

This visit was carried out since Wednesday (19/1/2022) by the Rector together with the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Director and Secretary of the Administrative and Academic Services Directorate with the aim of visiting the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and the Faculty of Animal Husbandry. To really ensure the readiness of the faculty, this activity will be held during the coming week.

Several locations visited by the Rector’s entourage included the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, and the Faculty of Law. During his visit, the Rector ensured adequate rooms, circulation, as well as multimedia needs and the ratio of classrooms filling were appropriate and adequate.

One of Hybrid Classes in Fisip

“What must be prepared are classes according to their needs, students will be recorded on how many are joining the hybrid, so they can count the number of classes so that facilities and infrastructure can be provided,” explained Nuhfil. In addition, the Rector added, the faculty also provides windows for adequate air circulation. “Students who will enter UB are also required to have completed 2 vaccines”, added the former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

In addition to the obligation for vaccines, students are also required to obtain permission from their parents to be able to take hybrid lectures. “If students don’t get permission, they can take lectures from home,” he said.

Preparations for hybrid lectures have been carried out since 2021. In addition to socialization to faculties regarding requirements, UB has also collected data on the number of students who have completed two doses of Covid-19 vaccination (vQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)

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