The Minister of Tourism Appreciates UB, Strengthenig Preservation and Improvement of Jamu

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held the 2023 East Java Herbal Medicine National Seminar and Expo. The activities were held in the Postgraduate Hall, 7th Floor, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UB on Wednesday (13/9).

This activity was carried out to examine more deeply opportunities and breakthroughs to preserve and develop traditional medicines in Indonesia. In this discussion, present as a speaker was the Chairman of the Indonesian Herbal Medicine Council

Major General TNI (Ret.) dr. Daniel Tjen, Sp. N,; Rumah Atsiri CEO Paulus Mintarga; UB Herbal Medicine Researcher Prof. Elok Zubaidah; UNAIR Herbal Medicine Researcher Prof. Sukardiman; foreign guest Prof. Mikio Nishizawa. The discussion session was guided by the Chair of DJI East Java Inauguration Workshop Committee, Prof. Sasmito Djati.

Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahudin Uno provided direction and views regarding herbal medicine and Indonesian Tourism. Sandiaga said that Jamu could also be used as a part of Indonesian tourism. The development of Indonesian tourism ecosystem is carried out with many elements. One way to develop herbal medicines is as a means of preserving Indonesian culture and local wisdom.

As Chair of the Committee, Sasmito Djati said that herbal medicine in Indonesia has various characteristics and uniqueness. Many things sometimes cannot be resolved with various medical drugs, but sometimes traditional medicine or herbal medicine comes as a solution.

Vice Rector IV (VR IV) UB, Andi Kurniawan S.Pi., M.Eng. D.Sc opened the seminar and workshop for the formation of the East Java Indonesian herbal medicine council. Andi said, that there are interesting things about herbal medicine in Indonesia. In fact, many cures for diseases and various poisons have been carried out since ancient times of human discovery. Herbal medicine is one of the local wisdoms that can be used to build civilization in the future.

“The first time that various writing guides for making herbal medicine were discovered was at the same time as ancient humans were discovered in Indonesia. Jamu is local Indonesian wisdom. “This can be used as one of Indonesia’s strengths to reach the golden age of 2045. Have a good seminar, hopefully it will run smoothly and produce many things that are useful for the progress of UB and Indonesia,” said Andi. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]