Recognizing the Reality of Femicide: The Perspective of Women National Commission’s Commissioner and the Head of Women and Child Protection Unit Polresta Malang

Talkshow of Knowing Femicide Further | Photo: PSIK FH UB

Femicide is a topic that continues to attract global attention due to increased violence against women in various parts of the world. In order to educate the community, voiced related issues, and encourage concrete actions to fight the femicide, the Center for the Gender Study of the Brawijaya University (PSGUB) held a talk show with the theme “Knowing Femicide Further: The end of violence against women?”

The talkshow, which was held on Wednesday (1/3/2024) in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Law, UB presented two speakers, Dr. Dr. Retty Ratnawati, M. SC., As the Commissioner of Women National Commission and AKP Tri Nawang Sari, SH., As the Head of Women and Child Protection Unit (PPA) Polresta Malang. Both bring a unique perspective and in -depth knowledge of this issue.

The Commissioner of Woman National Commission, Dr. Dr. Retty Ratnawati, M. SC., gave a view in terms of policy and advocacy for women’s rights. In her presentation, Retty encouraged the active role of the community in reporting cases of violence against women.

“Femicide is not just a criminal problem, but also a serious violation of human rights. It is important for the country and society to unite in fighting patriarchal culture that triggers violence against women, “said Retty.

While the Head of Women and Child Protection Unit (PPA) Malang Police, AKP Tri Nawang Sari, SH., Discussed the response of the police to the female case. Nawang stressed the importance of understanding law and security for women to protect themselves.

“The police are committed to providing maximum protection for femicide victims and taking firm action against perpetrators of violence. Cooperation with the community is also very important to overcome this problem, “said Nawang.

Both of these speakers also underlined the importance of cross -sectoral approaches and inter -institutional cooperation in overcoming femicides. Commissioner of the National Commission on Women highlighted the role of the media and education in changing social norms that support violence against women, while Head of Women and Child Protection Unit (PPA) Malang Police emphasizes the need for rapid and effective responses from the police.

This talkshow is expected to create further awareness of female, provide insight from the point of view of policies and law enforcement, and invite the public to jointly play an active role in eradicating violence against women. (RMA/FH PR/Oky/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)