Exploring Faith, Spirituality, and the Needs of Modern Humans with Prof. Ali Maksum

Prof. Dr. Ali Maksum, M.Ag., M.Si. explained the study on the theme of Faith, Spirituality and the Needs of Modern Humans at Ngabuburit FISIP – ISSC activity held by the Islamic Social Science Community (ISSC) FISIP, Wednesday (20/3/2024), .

In the material presented, he connected the social reality that occurs in society with three major narratives written by Yuval Noah Harari and the Three Stage Law theory by Auguste Comte.

Prof. Dr. Ali Maksum, M.Ag., M.Si. also conveyed the three big problems experienced by humans in the modern era, namely humans experiencing misery, one-dimensional man, and risk communities.

“What we have to do and be strong is, we return to religion with faith. Faith is saying it verbally, confirming it in the heart, and practicing it in deeds,” he said regarding the solution to the big problem explained previously.

The Head of UB Sociology Department also conveyed about New Spirituality proposed by Denny Januar Ali.

“According to the new spirituality, humans need God to rely on and seek peace of mind, not the one who punishes and determines human life, but what is needed is a God who is full of love,” he said.

The study presented by Prof. Dr. Ali Maksum, M.Ag., M.Si. also closed with a new spirituality formula consisting of personal relationships, positivity, passion, small wins, and blue diamond spirituality.

With this study, it is hoped that FISIP UB students will be motivated to increase their faith and broaden their insight into spirituality as a force that can give breath to our lives. (Fazlar – FISIP PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)