Get to Know Closer with the Integrated Service Unit of Sexual Violence and Bullying at FILKOM UB

Sexual violence in education has become a serious problem to date. Educational institutions that are expected to help improve the nation’s future have become unsafe places. Inevitably, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is one of them. Various cases of sexual violence that have occurred in UB have made students feel anxious. The Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) is no exception, which has recently been busy with issues of sexual violence

Several reports of sexual violence have occurred within FILKOM. Not only physical violence, but sexual crimes in verbal form are no less numerous. The perpetrators are not only foreigners, even close friends can also commit acts of sexual violence.

Dandy Ramadhany, President of BEM FILKOM 2022 explained that behavior such as holding the shoulder or something else might be considered normal by some people. However, if the victim feels uncomfortable and what is being held is a sensitive part, then this is considered sexual violence.

Various efforts have been made to prevent cases of sexual violence from occurring within FILKOM. This can be seen from the existence of the Sexual Violence and Bullying Integrated Service Unit (ULTKSP) which also works together with BEM FILKOM to form the FILKOM Citizens Take Care of Each Other program (SJW FILKOM). This program has the function of providing socialization regarding KSP actions within FILKOM and providing assistance to KSP victims. The existence of an integrity pact signed by all representatives of institutions and communities at FILKOM also shows a form of rejection of acts of sexual violence within FILKOM.

“The integrity pact is like a promise in itself where one of the points reads ‘if it is found that the perpetrator is a functionary of a student organization, he will be dishonorably dismissed’, so it must be done,” explained Dandy

Indoor photo of FILKOM Integrated Service Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP).

For those who don’t understand the Integrated Service Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP), namely the service and prosecution system that is carried out in a coordinative and integrated manner by the faculty. It is a service center for FILKOM students to provide information services needed, including receiving and documenting reports of allegations of sexual violence and bullying. The ULTKSP room is in A 1.6 Building FILKOM east of Edutech Garden.

Sexual violence here is defined as an act of insulting, attacking, and/or other acts against a person’s body, sexual desire, and/or reproductive function, by force, or against someone’s will and in that person’s condition and unable to give consent in a free state due to inequality power relations and/or gender relations, which results in or may result in physical, psychological, sexual suffering or misery committed by and/or against FILKOM Students in carrying out educational, research and community service activities, as well as other activities under FILKOM’s responsibility

Meanwhile, bullying is an activity of abuse of power or aimed at hurting other people either physically, psychologically or verbally so that the victim will often feel sick, depressed or trapped in despair. Usually, perpetrators are people who feel they have a higher position or are more ‘powerful’ than the victim.

The ULTKSP room is made so that students can be more comfortable conveying their complaints and problems

It should also be noted, in fact there are many regulations regarding academic norms, including regarding sexual violence and bullying. Edy Santoso, S.Sc., M.Kom, as Chair of FILKOM’s ULTKSP stated that the Dean’s Regulations, Rector’s Regulations, and even the Law already regulate how to behave properly in the University environment. It’s just that many do not know and understand these rules.

These regulations not only regulate academic norms or a student code of ethics, but also a code of ethics for lecturers and teaching staff. So, anyone who violates the code of ethics certainly has the right to get the proper action. Including if the violation was in the form of sexual violence. Edy also added that FILKOM wanted to form an ethics commission from the Faculty Academic Senate (SAF).

“Currently the submission of the Dean’s Regulation regarding the establishment of an ethics commission has reached the checking stage of the Rector’s Law and Administration. Hopefully this ethics commission can be formed as soon as possible so that if a case occurs it can be seen from two sides,” he explained

Although there is no ethics commission yet, currently ULTKSP can also be a liaison with the dean in the event of KSP case. Because after all the right to give sanctions is the Dean. There are different levels of sanctions. Starting from verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension of certain subjects, suspension of one semester, to being expelled from the university. With the existence of various supports, regulations, and sanctions, it is hoped that FILKOM’s environment will be completely free from cases of sexual violence and bullying. Of course this also needs support from related stakeholders. Avoid behavior that leads to sexual violence and don’t be afraid to report sexual crimes that occur. (RHM/DRN/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)


Information regarding reporting to ULTKSP FILKOM can be seen via the following link: