Drawing Closer to Al-Qur’an as an Antidote for Heart Disease

The month of Ramadan is the best month because of the revelation of Qur’an, and the people of the Prophet Muhammad are the best people because of his presence. Welcoming the spirit of the month of Ramadan this year, the Muslim academic community at Universitas Brawijaya continues to work together to open broadcast spaces in the campus environment, especially deepening Islamic values through various religious activities. One of them is by holding Quran Seminar with the theme “Forming Millennials Who Love Quran as Leaders of the Country”, Thursday (6/4) with Dr. KH Ahsin Sakho Muhammad as an expert on the Indonesian Sabah Quran.

Today there is a lot of information disruption which sometimes causes heart disease among the people, especially with the rapid development of technology, someone can forget to control themselves when they enter the digital world, especially in social interactions. Therefore, it is appropriate for Muslims to continue to explore and order verses from the Qur’an so that the millennial generation is always reverent, upholds and believes in it as a guideline for daily life both on campus and in the wider environment. Apart from being a guide for all mankind, instilling love for the Al-Quran as a whole can be an antidote (syfa) for heart disease, where this disease has a major influence on the development of a person’s physical and mental condition. Therefore, when you feel confused, sad, depressed and for anyone who is experiencing difficult times in his life to get closer to the Qur’an.

Dr. Ahsin Sakho added that the Al-Quran itself is a representation of the creator, where his role is present in this world to be a gift as well as guidance for human beings. For those who often interact with Al-Quran, Allah will reward them, raise their rank, and through that guidance then someone will get the path to piety. With devotion to the Qur’an, it will provide a solution (makhraj) from all problems and bring unexpected sustenance. This is a reminder for students and the younger generation of Muslims to keep the Al-Qur’an as the basic principle of learning, socially and as a state, so that one day they become leaders, the qualities of trustworthiness and fear of Allah will continue to stick to them, together practicing Al-Qur’an in all aspects of life. “Make Qur’an your best friend, your seatmate, your daily reading in times of joy and sorrow. Al-Qur’an will always make you a loyal friend from this world to the hereafter. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]